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Water – World’s Future

Dr. Alexander Titomirov started his studies on water some 12 years ago in US after he met a person helping terminal cancer patients with artificially made (machine-made) alkaline water.  The results and the pictures of these patients before and after the treatment looked astonishing – these patients who were refused by the doctor to be treated – went into remission in some cases.  That was a miracle and gave a stimulus to Dr. Titomirov to spend time and money in order to understand the characteristics of alkaline water.

When alkaline water is produced via electrolysis (machine-made), a certain quantity of metal from the electrodes is released in the water making it less healthy. Furthermore it restores its original neutral pH too quickly (36-48 hrs) making it commercially not suitable for bottling.  Scientific studies have shown that alkaline water from natural sources has no side effects and maintains its pH qualities for a long time – long enough to commercialize it in bottles.  It was therefore important to find natural artesian sources of alkaline water, naturally filtered in the mountains by special lava with a big enough filtering surface.

The result has been achieved after Dr. Alexander Titomirov organized worldwide geological explorations to find these.  The results have been that after four years of search only five countries in the world have natural alkaline water with the right pH of 8.6 to 8.9.

The new vodka brand called Titomirov Vodka was started therefore where the vodka is based on alkaline water.  The production capacity is 1 million bottles per month. 

Today this revolutionary vodka is sold in different restaurants and clubs such as Jimmy'z, Buddha Bar and Sass Cafe in Monaco.  It was launched on 21st August 2015 at Jimmy’z – the world renowned and most popular nightclub in Monaco with famous DJ Martin Solveig playing in the house.

The ambitious plans of Dr. Titomirov go much further – to produce all basic beverages with alkaline water pH 8.2-8.9 being their main component.  In the near future other such beverages will be produced, such as beer, cola, gin, milk, coffee, tea and more, where the base component will be the alkaline water with the right pH.

Why is the water so important? 

Life started as a consequence of accumulating energy.  That was possible due to the ability of plants to accumulate the energy of photons coming from the sun during photosynthesis.  The water has a peak of absorbing the energy of the photon in the visual spectrum, resulting in the creation of photosynthesis.  If not such water quality, photosynthesis would not exist.  Photosynthesis is accumulating energy in sugar molecules as a result. 

Such process is occurring in plants and certain algae (Kingdom Protista).  Plants need just the energy of the photon, CO2 and H20 in order to create sugar.  Water is also important for metabolic reactions in the human body.  All biochemical reactions occur in the liquid phase in our body.  The pH is the basic regulator of the water structure, necessary for such reactions.

Water molecules form compartments of different sizes due to the differences in pH.  The higher pH, the smaller such compartments, which helps the water penetration through cellular membranes in the human body. 

That helps washing away saturated fat and toxins from human cells and it elevates the general hydration of each of the 80 trillion cells in the human body in order to sustain biochemical reactions.  Also, alkalinity lowers the freezing temperature of the water, which helps to save energy. 

The body has to produce less energy in the alkaline environment leading to more efficient energy production in the body.  These scientific facts demonstrate the importance of alkalinity for the human body. 

Dr. Alexander Titomirov is convinced that the future in the beverage and food industries is in the hands of those who understand the physical chemistry of water in depth and are capable of the optimization of the nutritional intake for each human with their unique DNA fingerprints and physiology.

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