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Inspired by the Infinity, number 8, as well as Fibonacci sequence, the new brand of watches ALEX TITOMIROV™ will lead you into the harmony of time…

At the end of the XX century watches have turned from the everyday necessity into status item and the price has risen accordingly. Today we will speak with Dr. Alexander TITOMIROV, who launched a revolutionary brand of new watches called ALEX TITOMIROV™.

Alexander, when did you start the watch business or when you started to be interested in time theory?

Time theory interested me since I started to love physics. That was greatly influenced by my father - who has a doctorate in physics, and as a result, I developed an interest in theory of time and time modeling in general. My interest in design in general, coincided with the interest in time theory.

The desire to create my own watch brand came to me 5 years ago, when I started to seriously think which new ideas had to be brought into the watch industry so that my brand would substantially differ from the others. During these years of development, I realized that the new watch should reflect some major steps in development of our civilization. First, is of course the novelty of design. Second, introduction into the watch industry new technologies, like 3D or others. Nowadays, anything could be created by the 3D printer, including watches. Third, utilize materials, new and traditional, suitable for the luxury industry: nano-basalt, sapphire glass, titanium, diamonds, rose and white gold, and such trendy material as petrified wood.

Any specific types of wood would be used?

Yes. Why do you think Stradivari violins are so famous? At the time they were made, there was not much sun, so that result was that the annual rings were closer positioned to each other, creating denser wood. Also, the wood he used was more “vibrating” type with more ability to vibrate due to the creation of the internal resonance. We decided also to use dense wood – even more dense than mentioned above. Petrified wood that you could find in the ocean with saturated salt which makes such wood very strong, even stronger than the concrete. Example – Venice was build on such wooden pillars. Still standing. Utilization of such wood will bring the elements of science and art together – the harmony between the Man and Nature.

How professionally close to you the theme of watches?

I have three educations: mathematics (topology), molecular genetics and architecture. These were three of my main interests in life, and their combinations. Having built a successful bioinformatics company in US, I was able to understand how to build the business in general, combining it with new innovative technologies leading to creation of novel products. Specifically, I am planning to dedicate myself to design in general. As you know, I have created my own brand TITOMIROV VODKA™, vodka sells successfully in US. In Monaco it could be bought at the Casino Supermarket (Le Port Hercul), Jimmy’z Sporting as well as at the Buddha-Bar. Recently, TITOMIROV VODKA™ has won the Gold Medal 2016 at the “MicroLiquor Spirit Awards” – the alcoholic beverage competition being held in US with some 300 brands competing with each other. In the future, I would like to build my own cars, yachts as well as planes and helicopters. I know fairly well the laws of aerodynamics, specifically Bernoulli law, essential in order to build anything flying or sailing; also I understand mechanics and energy pretty well. Also, I know how build hydrogen engines – which are the future of human transportation. I feel comfortable building sizable industrial projects and their implementation.

Watches is one of the first steps in a big picture that I am planning to present to the world in a form of conglomerate of integrated innovations based on new technology.

Who is going to wear your watches?

Good question. First of all, I want to reveal why I started to design and produce watches today, not in the past. Today the market has formed a very clear position towards the watches. Everybody got fed up with cars, boats and planes – and there more or less similar modifications. 90% of your time you are not in the car, boat or a plane, but you wear a watch all the time. Watches reflect your status more than a car and other luxury items. Watches are very essential element of prestige, especially for men.

I imagine the person wearing my watch as a successful, intellectually driven individual who has accomplished something substantial in his or her life. That individual could choose any of my models – and there are 12 of them today. I think that the market for watches has matured to the level when I can play a major role in it.

Serious statement, what exactly do you mean by that?

I am convinced that the market for tourbillon driven watches will die out soon. Abraham-Louis Breguet invented tourbillon more than two hundred years ago (c. 1801), when watches were worn on a chain and placed in the static state into the pocket. Then it was important, today when almost all watches are worn on a wrist, it is an obsolete solution and only unsophisticated people keep buying tourbillons overpaying for totally unnecessary function. Obviously, I am not planning to use a tourbillon mechanism to any of my watches, but rather create proprietary automatic movement with at least 88 hours of power reserve.

The creation of the electric mini-computer watches with multiplicity of functions has moved the market from classical watches to some extent, but with the recent cancellation of the gold model of the Apple Watch it became clear that people still prefer the traditional watches as a luxury item and not a cheap tech covered with gold. For those who are interested in totally novel watch it is a good time to introduce a new brand utilizing new technologies, like 3D for example. Today it is ideal time for creation of the super luxury brand of watches. Everybody knows what is Patek Philippe, Breguet and Rolex. Even some of the models from these brands raise in price over time, those brands are quite boring relatively speaking, worn by very conservative people who might be even not interested in watches as such, but rather prefer to follow just a status quo – certain suit, shoes, car and watches.

Brands like Richard Mille, Frank Muller or Jacob & Co. truly became pioneers of the watch industry with lots of creativity invested into them. During the past 15 years they became enormous success stories. I think the most successful is Richard Mille with the estimated revenue of 400-500 million dollars per year, which is a great result. But the 15 years have passed and certain fatigue is following these brands. The cycle of creation of something new is short in modern times. If before it took 25 years to establish the brand, today its only 5 years or even less. And if in 5 years something totally new is not created, people are starting to get bored.

I think that I found myself at the right time and place – Monaco, that is an ideal place for creating the new brand of watches. It’s noteworthy that the production of ALEX TITOMIROV™ Watches is organized in Switzerland. We started the production already but it is important to say that contrary to the previous generation of watch-making, the modern production get substantially simplified due to new technologies. Therefore, it’s crucial to produce watches that would be substantially different from the base line of the average market. At the times when people already know how to create artificial intelligence, flying machines, etc. it is very important to have a great imagination and the knowledge for the demands of the luxury segment of the watch market. This is even more important than technology itself.

At the moment we take custom orders creating watches with unique complications. We don’t produce watches yet to be shelved. Each customer could choose the unique design from those available to reflect his or her personality.

How much is to become a member of the elite club?

Watches ALEX TITOMIROV ™ will sell at 100.000 euros, with some unique models going for 500.000 euros. The first batch of 100 watches are available with 50% discount and up-front payment of 50%. Depending on a complexity of the model, the production will take 4 to 6 month.

All success to the brand!!!

Information: +33 (0)6 01 00 03 24

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